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» Scissors
» Forceps
» Artery Forceps
» Cotton Swab Forceps etc.
» Retractors
» Probes, Applicators, Spatulas
» Diagnostics
» Vaccination, Puncture, Suction
» Anaesthesia
» Suture
» Dressing
» Bone Surgery
» Bone Surgery
» Cardiovascular Surgery
» Neuro Surgery
» Tracheotomy
» Goitre, Dermatology
» Intestines, Stomach, Rectum
» Liver, Gall, Kidney
» Gynecology
» Obstetrics
» Otology
» Rhinology
» Extracting Forceps English Pattern
» Extracting Forceps Amarican Pattern
» Extracting Forceps Roots Fragment, Roots Screw
» Root Elevators
» Handles For Mouth Mirrors
» Mirrors
» Excavators
» Filling Instruments
» Endodontic Instruments
» Periodontal Instruments
» Probes And Explores
» Wax, And Modelling Carvers
» Wax Knives
» Carving Instruments
» Curetts
» Scalers
» Cutting Instruments
» Rubber Dam Punch
» Impression Trays
» Measuring Instruments
» Pliers
» Tweezers
» Cement Spatulas
» Chisel And Enamel Cleavers
» Professional Hair Cutting Scissor
» Barber & Dressing Scissors
» Nail & Cuticle Scissors
» Fancy & Printed Scissors
» House Hold and Taylor Scissors
» Cather & Instrument Trays & Needle Cases
» Dressing & Spice Jar
» Instruments Box & Spirit Lamps & Cotton Holders
» Wash Basen & Solution Bowl (Deep Type)
» Instrument Trays & Mesh Baskets & Bucket
» Instruments Trays
» Cather & Instrument Trays & Boxes
» Kidney & Instruments Trays
» Steriliser Drums
» Graduated Measure & Forcep Jars
» Male Female Urinal Bedpan

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    About Us:

We are one of the leading instruments manufacturers. We export 75 per cent of the 6000 instruments in our portfolio via exclusive retailers and wholesalers,

Our innovative force is based on customer dialogue. New technological developments, changes in legal stipulations, and the wishes of internationally renowned Surgeons set the cornerstones for product development with compelling user-friendliness, functionality and desig

Certified Quality
First-class instruments result only from the best materials and steels. Stringent material and production controls secure the high level of quality of our products. Anyone who sets as high standards as we do will appreciate the value we place not only on professional employees and modern specialised machines but also on excellent quality management certified according to International quality & safety standards.we guarantee our customers the best material and processing quality. We even provide an unlimited guarantee on breakage on dental forceps.
 Knowledge and skill
Qualified employees from various professional fields are the backbone of our company. They create highly specialised instruments with innovative pleasure and a wealth of ideas using selected raw materials made from stainless steel and titanium alloys.
Manifest International offers an extensive range of products for the oral, craniofacial, plastic, ENT ,neurosurgery and Podiatry specialties. The
Manifest International Group factories are equipped with the most advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing equipment available. Much of the machinery used to produce our rigid fixation plating products has been custom made to our specifications and is one of the primary reasons for our unique quality. The use of our state of the art technology by skilled craftsmen with generations of surgical instrument making experience has resulted in the finest array of craniomaxillofacial products in the industry.
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